1. Responsibility through scoring and number management
  • Judges must focus on the band performance and give score based on the band presentation, not to interpret only within personal interest and favors.
  • Judges must not give unsolicited advice to other judges that may direct / indirectly influence their scores. Do not copy scores of other judges, be honest to work on your own caption.
  • Judges have the responsibility to put scores in all captions and sub-captions. This will complete the details on recap for band, and giving proper scoring will prevent ties.
  1. Responsibility through sub caption: “What and How”
  • Judges must understand the importance of sub-caption judging. The main concept is to show value of the “Composition” vs. the excellence of “Achievement”.
  • Judges are responsible to record all comments during the band performance, and make sure to include in the recording the actual scene / sounds that you have a remarks. This will be a supporting material in giving your scores.
  1. Critic Dialogue
  • The most beneficial factor in the competition is the post competition “critique”. It is when the competition turns in to education process. Judges give constructive comments to instructors for improvement of the band and exchange information where judges can also learn and understand more about the performance.



  • Judges Impression (In Which Box is the performance).
  • Judges Analysis (Where in the Box is the performance).
    • High
    • Middle
    • Low
  • Give the score (What margin in relation to other bands).
  • Give rank, below or above to another band.
  • Give margin to another band.
  • Give rate.



0 – 2.5 Points    = No Difference

2.5 – 5 Points    = One or Two Difference

5 + Points          = Big Difference


Sub caption review meaning.


How you should describe the performance numerically to the bands.


Example Music Caption.

Performer very strong with technical skills (Achievement) but lack of range of music material (Content), should be the achievement number bigger than the content. Happened, vice versa.

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