CGN signs partnership with 10 Asian countries

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CGN The presentation of a new strategic partnership between CGN and AMBC, the Asian Marching Band Confederation, was held during the award ceremony at the CGN Championships on Saturday 24 March. That agreement was carefully prepared and the signing itself took place on the Friday night for Championships.

CGN has always been internationally oriented. Already in the early years there was intensive international contact with groups from different countries, but of course also with Winter Guard International. It was CGN who in 2006 broke a lance for letting go of the age limit for groups that do not come from North America so that those groups, including Dutch, can end up in the class where they belong. CGN has a good relationship with WGUK and other European organizations where CGN helps to make our activity more known.

The night before the CGN Championships, CGN and the Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC) entered into a strategic partnership. AMBC is a collaboration of 10 Asian countries in the field of Music, Show and Dance. The text in the cooperation agreement is as follows:

The Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC) and Color Guard Netherlands (CGN) are proud to be a global community that embraces the pursuit of excellence through the performance of music, marching and dance. It is through this life changing experience that we all connect in a unique and positive way. With that in mind, AMBC and CGN would like to form a strategic partnership for the improvement of the potential for further discussion, cooperation and diverse cultures.

Under this cooperation we want to pursue the following issues:
– Open communication between the boards of both organizations with the aim of exchanging knowledge
– Sharing each other’s information and video via Social Media
– Facilitate the exchange of instructors, teachers, judges and volunteers
– Encouraging groups to join each other’s circuit

After the CGN Championships of 2017, AMBC contacted CGN and indicated that they would like to enter into a strategic partnership with CGN with the aim to actively work on the exchange of knowledge and experience in both technical and organizational areas and through exchange of cultures. . Paul Doop and Edwin Beens are no strangers to the AMBC because they have already acted as jurors in several Asian competitions such as in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia? and recently Taiwan. Max Percussion, the Indoor Percussion group from Thailand who participated in the CGN Championships a number of years ago, has told a very positive story about CGN in Thailand after returning home, so that there is a lot of trust in CGN.

Who knows we might see Asian groups in our circuit and Dutch groups in the Asian Circuit in the near future. Especially for this purpose, Mr Suebprasitwong (President AMBC) from Thailand and Basuki (Vice President AMBC) from Indonesia flew over to attend the CGN Championships and sign the partnership.

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