Paradox Chen

Paradox Chen a recognize director, educational instructor, designer, and experienced performer in the international marching music society. He started his marching music learning since high school and has been fascinated then.

In the age of 18, just graduated from high school, he founded the first ever Drum & Bugle Corps of Taiwan in 1996, together with passionate friends, they named the group “Taipei Yuehfu”. From 2000, followed on 2001, 2002, 2005, 2013, he led the group to compete the DCI Summer Music Game tours and defended the title for all-time International Champion along with a Silver Medal in Division III and many high regard acknowledgements on various captions.

After 30 years of extensive history in the field of drum corps, he had taught over 30 groups all over Taiwan and China. Since 2011, Paradox was constantly invited as a judge for marching band events all over Asia, and now elected as the Secretary General of Asian Marching Band Confederation.

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