AMBC Automated Competition System

Happening Now at the Malaysia World Band Competition (MWBC), Asian Marching Band Confederation Certified Judges are using the newly developed #AMBC Automated Competition System a.k.a ACS.

It was designed for AMBC competition, following the judging system, which gives both judges and participants transparency and reliability. It is also an effective tool for marching band event organizers to ensure high standard of competition is met.

Rachmat Setiawan, AMBC IT Director, says he is very proud about this development made by his team (Herry Cahyo and Eko Pramono). This innovation ables them to control and monitor simultations competitions even they are thousand miles away.

This is just the start of many more developments from AMBC.

Thank you for trusting and supporting, The Marching Arts Power of Asia!

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