Asian Marching Band Confederation

The first AMBC (Association of Marching Bands and Corps) Philippines official meeting was a significant event attended by leaders from various leading national organizations in the Philippines. The meeting was hosted by the City of Bacoor, known as “The Marching Band Capital of the Philippines,” under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Strike B. Revilla and City Tourism Head Mr. Edwin Guinto.

All the organizations present at the meeting were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), which serves as the official permit for non-profit organizations in the Philippines. This registration ensures that these organizations comply with legal requirements and operate transparently.

The meeting brought together prominent organizations involved in different aspects of marching bands and musical performances. The organizations that attended the meeting were:

  1. Color Guard Alliance of the Philippines Inc. (CGAP): CGAP is an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of color guard in the Philippines. Color guard involves synchronized choreography with flags, rifles, sabers, and other props.
  2. Percussive Arts Society – Philippine Chapter (PASPh): PASPh represents the Philippine chapter of the Percussive Arts Society, a global organization that promotes percussion education and performance. This organization focuses on enhancing percussion skills and techniques in the Philippines.
  3. Bacoor Marching Band Association (BMBA): BMBA is a local organization based in Bacoor that supports and develops marching bands within the community. They work closely with schools and local musicians to nurture musical talent and provide performance opportunities.
  4. Band Conductors League of the Philippines (BCLP): BCLP is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in conducting and leadership among band directors in the Philippines. They provide professional development opportunities, workshops, and resources for band conductors.
  5. DrumLines of the Philippines (DLP): DLP is an organization that focuses on promoting and improving the art of drumline performances in the Philippines. They support drumlines in schools, universities, and independent groups, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition among drummers.
  6. Philippine Baton Twirling Association Inc. (PBTA): PBTA is an organization that promotes and regulates the sport of baton twirling in the Philippines. They organize competitions, training programs, and events to develop baton twirling skills and showcase the talent of Filipino twirlers.
  7. Philippine Drum & Lyre Associates Inc. (PDLAI): PDLAI is an organization that promotes the art of drum and lyre performances, a traditional marching band style in the Philippines. They provide training, organize competitions, and foster the growth of drum and lyre groups across the country.
  8. PhilBanda Inc.: PhilBanda Inc. is a national organization dedicated to advancing the marching band culture in the Philippines. They support marching bands through workshops, performances, and competitions, and they play a crucial role in promoting music education and cultural exchange.

The purpose of the AMBC Philippines official meeting was likely to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, discuss industry challenges, and explore opportunities for growth and development within the marching band and corps community in the Philippines.

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