Asian Marching Band Confederation

Jember, Indonesia – September 21, 2023 – The Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC) concluded its Annual Board Meeting in Jember, Indonesia, with the election of a new leadership team to steer the organization forward. The meeting marked a significant milestone as the AMBC bids farewell to outgoing President Mr. Kosin Suebprasitwong from Thailand and welcomes a new team to guide the AMBC’s vision and initiatives for the next four years.

Following a rigorous and democratic process, the newly elected AMBC Executive Directors for the 2023-2027 term are as follows:

AMBC President: Sehat Kurniawan Saiman, Indonesia Sehat Kurniawan Saiman, a seasoned figure in the marching band community of Indonesia, assumes the prestigious role of AMBC President. With his vast experience and passion for advancing the marching band culture, Sehat is committed to leading the AMBC towards greater heights, fostering collaboration, and promoting the development of marching bands throughout Asia.

AMBC Vice Presidents: Patricia Real Barairo, Philippines, and Jovan Neo, Singapore Patricia Real Barairo from the Philippines and Jovan Neo from Singapore have been elected as Vice Presidents of the AMBC. Both individuals bring unique perspectives and expertise to the AMBC leadership team, with a shared dedication to advancing the interests of marching bands in their respective countries and beyond.

Secretary General: Paradox Chen, Taiwan Paradox Chen from Taiwan has been elected as the AMBC’s Secretary General. Paradox’s strong organizational skills and commitment to fostering international cooperation within the marching band community will play a pivotal role in facilitating communication and coordination among AMBC member countries.

The newly elected AMBC leadership team embodies a wealth of experience, diversity, and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the marching band community. They are poised to work collaboratively and proactively to fulfill the AMBC’s mission of promoting the marching band culture and facilitating cultural exchange throughout Asia.

The outgoing president, Mr. Kosin Suebprasitwong, expressed his gratitude for the support and collaboration during his tenure and expressed his confidence in the newly elected leadership team’s abilities to lead the AMBC into an exciting future.

As the AMBC transitions to this new era of leadership, the organization reaffirms its commitment to fostering unity, excellence, and the development of the marching band art form across Asia. The collective efforts of the newly elected Executive Directors, in collaboration with the member countries and stakeholders, will pave the way for the growth and advancement of marching bands throughout the region.

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