Asian Marching Band Confederation

**Date:** [July 16, 2023]

**Korat, Thailand** – The Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC) commenced an exciting and momentous event today, marking the first day of Judge Training at the iconic Terminal 21 Korat in Thailand. The training program, aimed at equipping new and re-certified judges with essential skills and knowledge, saw the participation of esteemed teachers and judges from Thailand and Malaysia.

The 1st-day session of the Judge Training program was inaugurated by AMBC’s President, Sehat Kurniawan Saiman, who emphasized the importance of fostering a qualified and proficient judging panel to enhance the standard of marching band competitions in Asia. “The training of judges is a significant milestone in our mission to promote excellence and fairness in the marching band community,” President Saiman stated.

Conducted by expert instructors and experienced judges, the training covered a wide array of topics, including:

  1. **AMBC Judging Criteria:** Participants delved into the intricacies of the AMBC Judging Criteria, gaining insights into the essential elements of assessing musicality, visual presentation, marching technique, and overall performance quality.
  2. **Scoring Methodologies:** The training provided a comprehensive understanding of the scoring methodologies utilized in AMBC-sanctioned competitions, ensuring consistency and fairness in evaluations.
  3. **Effective Feedback Techniques:** Emphasizing the significance of constructive feedback, participants learned how to provide valuable insights and critiques to marching bands, enabling them to grow and refine their performances.
  4. **Ethics and Professional Conduct:** The session stressed the importance of maintaining ethical conduct and professional integrity as judges, upholding the AMBC’s values of transparency and impartiality.

The diverse group of participants, including renowned teachers and judges from Thailand and Malaysia, engaged in interactive discussions, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios, enriching their understanding of the complexities of judging marching band performances.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the judges attending the training,” said Ginanjar Kami, Judge and Education Manager of AMBC. “By investing in our judges’ knowledge and expertise, we are setting a high standard for marching band competitions in Asia.”

The Judge Training program at Terminal 21 Korat signifies AMBC’s commitment to developing a qualified judging panel to ensure equitable and credible evaluations in future competitions. The training continues for the next few days, culminating in a certification ceremony to recognize the successful completion of the program.

As the AMBC Judge Training progresses, the marching band community eagerly anticipates witnessing the enhanced capabilities and competence of the judging panel, fostering fair and inspiring competitions that celebrate the artistry and creativity of marching bands across Asia.

**About AMBC:**
The Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC) is a regional organization dedicated to promoting and developing the marching band culture in Asia. Comprising individuals, event organizers, communities, and marching band organizations, AMBC aims to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and mutual support within the marching band community.

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